About Huyen

Born and raised in Germany, Thi Minh Huyen Nguyen, is a Media/Communication and English/American studies student, writer, runner and yoga practitioner.

In 2011, Huyen created the travel blog The Golden Cut, where she kept a journal about her adventures during her gap year in the U.S. Later on, Goldtogreen was born in 2013 with an emphasis on fashion, health and mindful topics.  

Why Gold to Green? The transition from a fashion victim to a more conscious, active and nature-loving person, showed me that I needed to live a balanced life between gold and green. There is neither a perfect nor a single way of living but many combining digital and analog, fast and slow life, culture and nature. It's an ongoing process. Always learning and curious about life and its little wonders - you are welcome to join me in this incredible journey.

“Really, being green or becoming more green means being your most authentic self, being a better you and shining from inside out, awakening your potential, serving others and finding what makes you come alive.”

Here, you will find thoughts about food and nutrition, running, style and travel, yoga and spirituality. With Inspired By, I want to introduce you to people who are strong, passionate and empowering in their own creative fields and represent a gold to green lifestyle.


Get in touch: minh.goldtogreen@gmail.com

All the pictures and texts on this website are taken and written by me unless otherwise stated.