Korean food, one night in the city and Princeton!

Wow, I had a great time this weekend! On Friday I got new ear piercings and I couldn't resist to go shopping, of course in the mall! I spent Saturday and Sunday in the city. First of all, I met an asian friend on Saturday and I really really wanted to eat some vietnamese food, but we couldn't make it to chinatown, so we decided to stay in K-town.

She showed me Korean Town and I have never heard of it before. We went to a korean restaurant and it was very good! It is so funny to see so many different parts of NYC like Chinatown, K-town, Little Italy etc. I miss eating asian food and using chopsticks! 

She brought her Polaroid Camera from Japan. The first time I saw such an old one! The rest of the day, we spent on 5th Ave and we just went Window Shopping.

In the evening I met a german girl, I met her once before at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market and we stayed in contact. She and her boyfriend live in Harlem, so I could stay there for the night. We cooked some pasta and made some salad. It was really nice with them, I do miss the time with my friends in Germany, just hanging around at each others place and talking. The couple was so in harmony and they were really nice people. We talked a lot about this and that.

Here, some music we listened to: SBTRKT

It has something of lounge atmosphere.. I liked it! On Sunday the german girl and I, we went to Princeton University in NJ. We did a campus tour and a tour in the art museum. It was really interesting and I didn't know that the Frist Campus of the University is used in the aerial screen shots for the series Dr. House. The campus is very nice and so beautiful :-) I could spent my student life there if it wouldn't be so expensive ;-)

 It reminded us of Harry Potter. After our One-Day Trip to Princeton, the german girl showed me the High Line, NYC. It is so romantic there and I have to go there again in the spring when the plants are much prettier! If you are in the city, you have to go there for a walk or picnic!