Catching up..

Let's face it!

It's been five months since my last post. A lot of things happened in the past and I just needed a rest from being online. I took a Facebook break for about two months, just to get some distance from Germany and a lot more. I have to say, the first week without having Facebook (a friend from Germany changed my password for me, so I couldn't log in anymore and then she deactivated it) was really weird, I felt like I had no social life anymore. You feel like you're going to miss something!

But other than that, it was great. Time passed by and the people who really cared about me were sending me E-mails and Skype was there, as well. It helped me a lot to get through things and problems. I had much more time for me, myself and I.

And I'm glad because I could spend more time with my American friends and with my college classes, I also read a lot and watched interesting documenteries. I've never had the time to look after me or to read, read, read! I was really into college and helped out with the college student's newspaper. It was fun to work with them on the layout, editing and just to learn. People keep asking me 'So, you're taking these college classes, but you're not getting credits, why are you doing that?!' Well, I am doing it for ME. To learn, to keep my brain on duty and it is fun!

In the meantime it was very cold here in NJ, I wasn't really thrilled to go into the city every weekend. I admit I've gained some weight during the winter months as everyone who is visiting the U.S. =) but I could lose it again after exercising and keeping track of what I eat. So, I read a lot about nutrition and the environment. I was always interested in it but I've never had the time to do research about what I eat, what is 'actually' going on in the environment and in politics. That was very good, just to take time and then to talk with people about it, to discuss, to see people's point of view and to be aware of.

I've decided that I should always take care of myself, my health and my surroundings, I've wanted to be more 'green', to look at what I eat, where it comes from. In addition working out became to my routine and I've started running, it depends on the weather, but if it's good I run five miles in 50 minutes. It is not a lot and not very fast, but I'm fine with that, I'm not doing it to compete with someone =)

And then I've met a lot of people who inspire me and it is just nice to talk with them. I'd go for a walk and just talk. I am really thankful for meeting these terrific people and that they've shared their experience and thoughts in life with me! Thank YOU.

Right now, I am really happy with life, it is busy and I've got to get things done but that's life for. Life is short, it's our time and I just try to get the best out of it!  I hope you guys, can keep up with me! Time goes by too fast, it's scaring. Unfortunately my friends from Germany and I, we cannot even find a date to skype or to catch up. It's been busy for everyone. I just hope that everybody's fine and the new ME will try to keep this blog running. It is possible that I'm going to change the name of the blog, but let's see..

This is not going to be 'just' a regular fashionblog, I'd like to give you some more input about food, culture, life, love. Fashion is fun, it comes and goes but it is not everything in life. Let's enjoy my last months in the U.S. until I head back to Germany. Oh by the way, I've just decided that I'm going to come back to the states at some point. Hopefully after my bachelor's degree because I just fell in love with NYC, with my view of NYC...



P.S.: My personal mission in life: to spread out love ♥