WOW, what an awesome weekend! 

Everyone was busy, everyone was gone, but I still wanted to go into the city. Lovely New York. I've found out of this festival: GOOGAMOOGA! 

It sounded funny to me, but I gave it a try. It was the first year of that Food/Drink/Music Festival in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. They had many many vendors with delicious food, so you actually came for the Food and it happened to be music there as an 'extra'. So, I was on my own and the tickets (it was for free, but you had to RSVP) were gone on their website, I emailed them if I could volunteer. And YES! I worked there for five hrs, checking people's IDs and after volunteering I could enjoy The Roots

I've met really nice people and spent my 50$ voucher on really good food: Birdhaus Bao from BaoHaus, Pork & Fennel Sausage from CharNo4. For my sweet tooth and desire for chocolate: cookies and cake truffles from momofuku's milkbar, chocolate diamond cookies from mille-feuille bakery and delicious chocolate babka from Russ and Daughters. I will defnitely visit these restaurants and caf├ęs again! All based in the city. *I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures from the actual food, it was already too dark and then it was gone! :)

Other than that I had an amazing time, I enjoyed it a lot, the weather was perfect and it was really worth it! Although thousands of people came and it was crowded, people had to stand in line for hours just to get 'expensive' food, it was pretty decent for the first year of this kind of festival! I just love outdoor concerts/festivals and of course yummy food! 

The only thing I've noticed on festivals or street fairs is that there are no 'healthy' options, at least not as many, I was looking for salads or fresh stuff but couldn't find anything. I'm trying to stay healthy, but if you're a foodie, you just don't care and have to try everything! Just try to look at your portions, small bites are okay and don't overeat ;-)

Right now, I am having the time of my life and I hope you're having fun, too!