I care.

My last article for the college's student newspaper came out today. I wrote about the Earth Week at my college, its activities and if the college is really 'green'. At the green festival in NY, we've got a lot of information about going green and how small steps can make a difference. I think that people would like to do something in order to go green but they are just too busy to really think about it. 

Right now I am trying to find a balance between my shopping habits, consumption itself and being green because after I had time to do some research and watching documentaries now I think twice what and where I buy.

Would you like to join me?

Here are some tips in going green:

*use cloth bags, refuse plastic

*share what you have- buy less stuff

*invest in quality and durability

*put on a sweater

*eat less meat, eat locally grown organic food

*don't drive unless you have to, walk and cycle more

*turn off lights when you leave a room

*use buses, trains and tram: carpool

*pick up litter

*look for fair trade and union labels

I know it can be hard to 'be green' especially when you're a student and you just don't have the money to buy organic, fair trade or sustainable products. And I am not going to become vegan but just to be aware of what you eat and to think about the environment would help a lot. Let's see how that goes, I'll let you know..


*Food Inc.

*taste the waste

*Lebensmittel zwischen Werbung und Wahrheit

*Das Erste- Markencheck

*WDR- hart aber fair

Fun, educating, helping game:

free rice

Know that all life on earth is connected, little and big changes will make a difference if we pay attention today.

Have fun, enjoy and learn,