This weekend I went to the BAM Dance Africa Bazaar in Brooklyn with a friend of mine. We tried some caribbean food and it was just nice to see all these people wearing such bright and colourful clothes! I love african influenced jewelry, that's why I couldn't resist to buy a necklace from Jamaica (born-create) which I'm wearing on the last picture.

The rest of the weekend I stayed with Kristin and Matze, who I've met last year. They had friends over, we had brunch together and we went peacock watching. We enjoyed German Schnitzel, potatoe and asparagus salad by Matze and Kristin and an Asian salad by me. It was really nice and I do like them a lot, we always have interesting conversations and I get along with each of them since she's already studying back in Germany and he's still here.

I enjoy their company and they became very good friends to me :)

Much love,