Family weekend part I

This weekend I am not in the city because I didn't feel like going and I just wanted to hang around and relax :) Actually this sunday is the American father's day!

Saturday morning I got up early and after my breakfast I've decided to go to the lake for a swim instead of a run. I ended up going there not really swimming but rather tanning because the high schools' swim team was there and I didn't really want to swim laps in front of them =D It was still very nice and I am just a water lover. Summer is the best time of the year!!!

After having lunch with my hostdad and the boys I went to visit my soulsister Trang which I haven't seen in like forever. We were both busy and yeah it was nice to hang out at her place and talking about life and stuff. I am really going to miss her because HEY I WILL BE BACK IN GER IN 10 WEEKS!!! But we already talked about me coming back after my bachelor's degree to move into the city together! So hopefully I'll see her again as my future roommate ♥

When I came home, I was starving but still wanted to cook something. My oldest hostkid and I, we've made dinner for ourselves and this came out:

Feel free to mix however you like it =D because he just made up the sauce for the Asian string beans:

-soy sauce, Sriracha hot sauce, black bean paste, chili garlic sauce, fish sauc;

-Indian marinated chicken with peas and corn

-Tomatoes, avocado, lettuce

How to end such a relaxing Saturday?

- with a movie and yogurt! :)

The hostparents are gone and the boys and I, we will watch: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen :) Americans usually have salted and buttered popcorn (how weird, right?! =D sweet popcorn is way better!) or chips and chocolate chip cookies..

My health- tip: grab a non-fat/ low-fat yogurt such as Chobani Greek Yogurt instead! My favourites are the berry flavors! :)