Family weekend part II

Sunday was really nice, too! I got up early again to get some things at the grocery store, oh I have to tell you: I cannot sleep in anymore! It is like impossible since I'm here, I'm always awake around 7/8am. I think it is really good because then I start the day earlier and have more time. Don't you love the smell of fresh air in the morning? Around 5/6am it is really nice outside in the summer! I want to try to go for a run that early one day :) 

So after that I started working on my hostfather's day present :) I wanted to make strawberry shortcake sliders with whipped cream! I got this recipe from Simply Recipes and it turned out perfectly! I was afraid it wouldn't work out at the first place but everyone liked it! :) I recommend this website and I've tried their rice pudding recipe as well! Easy and delicious dessert!  We had the hostfamily's family over and we had brunch altogether with: 

- egg salad

- chicken salad

- regular salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers

- bagels with cream cheese and salmon, they said it is a jewish thing (tastes very good! :)) 

For dessert we've had:

- chocolate cake

- fruit salad

- strawberry shortcake sliders

I've had a lot of fun, enjoyed the food a lot and I do not regret any bite of it! It is important for me to have your 'cheatdays' or better to say: you've earned it!!! If you stick to a healthy diet and workout routine you can enjoy food and desserts like that. I just think it is a better way in staying healthy instead of having desserts or 'fat- foods' every single day. You appreciate your chocolate or cravings more and it won't become a routine eating unhealthy. Oh boy, I am full! It's like I'm pregnant, you know =D

Anyway, I feel very good about it and tomorrow I'll go back to my workout with lots of energy! :) After such a big meal I went for a walk with my hostdad and my youngest boy. Other than that my hostparents' family is very nice, the family's relationship with each other is really good and stable. I'm glad that I have such a great hostfamily and I am grateful for that!!!

Thank you so so much!

My health- tip for such days (celebrations, partys, special occasions): portion- control! You can try everything, but in small portions and don't overeat. Eat slowly, so your body can recognize it when you're full :)