Sneak Peek: Diary #2

Fri. June- 8:

*2012 CFDA Fashion Awards at Lincoln Center NYC, you have to watch it!!! After Garance Doré's and Scott Schuman's speech I had tears in my eyes, such an amazing and inspiring couple in the fashion industry, keep doing what you love!!! 

- finally finished the book: Glimmer- How design can transform your life and maybe even the world by Warren Berger: really good book!!! Speaks from my soul! ♥ I need to write down all the resources/ facts. I recommend it to everyone (not just for designers) out there! :)

Sat. June- 9:

- hanging around in town, getting applications done! Yes!

* I do need a big black handbag with golden straps (classics)

* every celebrity is wearing  Isabel Marant now! 

Sun. June- 10:

- I've met with Sarah, a girl from my hometown in Germany, she's heading home soon! :(

* Flea Market: Hell's Kitchen: one summerdress, cutout in the back and one oversize shirt b/w, pictures are coming soon

I was like: 'Hey Sarah, let's stop by the flea market since it is close to the High Line just to have a look, I don't want to buy anything, need to save up money for Calif. 

Well, I was successful :D but thank you S for holding me back!!! xx

- High Line: it was soooo hot! Around 86 degrees, it went crazy this weekend! That's why we needed to buy some ice pops! :) And there's new street art around the High Line, check it out!

Big Apple BBQ

in Madison Squ. Park, we've had Beef Brisket from

Hill Country NY

, a must for meatlovers!

* Starbucks with Sarah, she brought me some Neon Purple Pink nailpolish by

China Glaze

! LOVE IT!!!! I was going crazy because it turned out MATT!!! THANK YOU :-* 

- at night: hanging around with friends in Brooklyn, Williamsburg

- didn't work out all weekend, feel fat :D now I need to focus again>> back to work!

- optimistic: how bad do you really want it? >> discipline! YOU CAN DO IT!