Sneak Peek: Diary

Hey guys!

I haven't posted anything since two to three weeks, I am so sorry! I really need to update my pictures and tell you about what was going lately. Actually you know what? Since I'm having a diary for my thoughts and daily life, too, I'll just give you a small sneak peek about my past time.

Thurs. May- 31:

- I'm in a REGGAE mood!!! - summer, sun and sunshine :)

- Bob Marley- Don't worry, be happy!

- Patrice: Sunshine>> Keep moving, keep spinning/ you better love yourself!

-'Murder she wrote'

- Collie Buddz- Gimmie love

- perfect weather! I've booked my flight to San Francisco for August! It will be sooo much fun, my friend Tabea and I, we are going to rent a car for a roadtrip (San Fran- L.A.- Santa Monica- San Diego- Grand Canyon- Vegas- Yosemite Nationalpark- San Fran)

- I've found out that our lake here in town is open to the public, I need to check it out and swim!!! :)

- three months left, craaaaaazy! time to enjoy!

- The sky is the limit! Follow your dreams!

Fri. June- 1:

- Perfect day, haha! Swam in the lake, it was dirty and cold but very relieving! Awesome feeling afterwards! Never ever give up! Push harder!

- Coffee Peeling once in a while: after showering I just use ground coffee to rub it on my thighs and legs, rinse with warm water and then when you're still in the damp put bodylotion on!!! Your skin will thank you for :)

- oh and yeah once in a while I allow myself one piece of dark chocolate after dinner: 85% cocoa by Lindt- the best!

Sat. June- 2:

*Fashion- Fav: Elin Kling: fashion blogger, entrepreneur, swedish, blond, young, skinny, lots of denim, looots of denim! white oversize blouses, blazers, really nice heels

*couldn't resist it! Forever21- order: although I need summer dresses I ordered some dresses for going out, I don't really go out at night here in the U.S., but whatever! Will wear them when I'm back home.

*colour peach + gold: nice match, perfect for summer

*in need of high heels! Will start buying new ones when I'm back..

*in need of summer dresses because I don't have any here!! :D especially a maxidress made out of jersey

- I do love the feeling of aching muscles! :)

- looking for schools/universities in good old Germany

- I do not live in the past. Period.

- being healthy and happy, enjoy life, smile :)

Mon. June- 4:

- rest of the weekend turned out pretty good:

I just like American BBQ with corn and meat :D

I have to confess that I'm a meatlover, sadly. Want to try to be a vegetarian, but it might work a lot better when I live on my own>> Weekday- Vegetarian would be a start!

I played freesbie :) and we've made pear- sauce without sugar of course but with cayenne pepper! Yummy!

Sunday night: wanted to see Kristin before she left for home again, after a lot of thinking I've decided to go into the city (it wasn't my intention that's why): You only live once right?!

I've met with Kristin and Matze and their friends in Chinatown, we went to:Joe's Shanghai, which is apparently world famous for its dumplings. Indeed! The dumplings were really good and the other stuff, too :) I've had the dumplings and beef soup, shanghai style, very mild for my taste! I like it hot :) Dessert at desserttruck, delicious warm molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice- cream: cheatday!