Jewelry spree *.*

This saturday my german friend Matze and I, we went to the MET and it is so huge, we're always getting lost, it's really hard not to! =D We saw the Schiaparelli and Prada Exhibition, Cloud City by Tomás Saraceno and also the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Later South Asia.

I have to go to the Schiaparelli and Prada again because their art/design work is amazing! A must for every fashion- lover! Cloud City, an installation on the Roof is very interesting, I feel like it doesn't really fit there but still it's cool! :) Check it out, it's on until November '12. The last exhibition is a permanent one, it has great carpets and calligraphic designs. I love that they often used the colour gold and the jewelry below is from India. After that I just wanted to travel to Asia again! Let's visit Istanbul and India, please! :)

Later that day, we went to lovely Brooklyn. 

At Smorgasburg (every Saturday) we had delicious lunch. It was so hot that day and the problem with this kind of food market is that there are too many choices!!! And if you're hungry, you don't want to stay in line for hours, but also you want good food =D This is the U.S.!!! There are just too many options and there is a lot of competition! And I am just indecisive with these things because I always want to compare and see what I'd get for my money! =D

So, I've been there before with my friend Frances from England, that day we've had Cemita's Mexican Sandwich. It's filling, so I'd recommend sharing one with a friend. Yesterday I've had a Colombian Dish: a flaxseed Arepa with chicken, Colombian cheese, arugula, salsa and cilantro sauce. Loved it! I'd like to try making that on my own.

The Renegade Crafts Fair was at the East River State Park, Williamsburg, right next to Smorgasburg and there were so many vendors! Again: too many choices! =D I ended up buying jewelry from Sna$h Jewelry because I've seen her stuff at one of the many flea markets before and I fell in love with the golden designs! Designed in New York- by a New Yorker :) I got an open-faced bracelet and four square rings. One guy at Snash Jewelry called me 'golden girl' =D It took me hours to make a decision! I'd buy them all!!!

On our way back to the subway station we crossed Williamsburg Walks on Bedford Ave. They've closed down the streets and had artists coming and had fun activities: Matthias and I got free charm necklaces from Brooklyn Charm, I picked out a short golden necklace with three green pearls. I usually wear long necklaces but I thought: Let's try a short one because I've seen it on many girls and I liked how it looks on them. Green pearls because I'm on a green trip guys!

That was a very nice saturday! Great weather and I've had a lot of fun with Matthias! And.. I was successful with my jewelry spree! Hope you're still enjoying my city- trips!