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As I understand it, nowmanifest is a fashion platform for the most well- known fashion blogger on the world wide web. Actually I do like fashiontoast's,style by kling's and bryanboy's blogs.. You should check them out if you're into fashion, I check their blogs daily and I like reading what they post. I started reading fashiontoast before her blog was on this platform and

Rumi Neely is just awesome! I like most of her outfits and the pictures are great!!! I like to follow her and BryanBoy as they travel a lot and also tell about where to go/ where to eat. It is definitely a plus that they are 'Asians', too :) It is just fun for me reading about what they see/do/experience and of course WEAR! =D

Elin Kling's style is kind of 'simple': a lot of denim, skinny jeans, blazers, still classy and 'chic'. That's what I like! Sometimes less is more! Of course also the fact that she is living and working in the city for now! I should try to catch her at some point =D There is a lot of hype going on about her, good and bad things, she as a blogger, entrepreneur, model etc. I just think that people are jealous and she should do whatever she likes and just keep doing it if she's happy!

I like this outfit because it is really laid- back/casual. I feel like she can pull anything off although she is so skinny!!! That's like one of my biggest issue with my bodytype. I am also kind of skinny but always don't know if I should stick with tight and short, so you can find curves, haha =D Which curves?! And then again if I wear clothes which are too loose I feel boyish or it just doesn't look right...

Let's see if I will ever be able to answer that styling question :)