Sunrise Yoga

How do you guys like yoga? Have you ever tried it before?

Well, I've did it twice now and I'm looking forward to do more of it! It was a free yoga class in the city: compass yoga.

-Of course I've found about it from a Street Fair! :) So if you're ever in New York and you're having some spare time especially for beginners, check it out! There are also free yoga sessions in the parks in NYC. That day I went on my own and actually I became friends with the yoga teacher! Her name is Frances from England, she did her Master's degree in the city and she's leaving the country in August, too! See, it's so easy to meet and get to know nice people! :)

I've found out about a free yoga course on Island Beach in my town here in NJ, too! Tuesdays from 7- 8am! Perfect for me, since I'd get up early anyway :)

So, today I went to the first session and it was great! The weather was good, not too hot in the morning and the teacher seems very nice (in the picture above). I like it because in addition to my strength and cardio workout it is good to stretch, twist and twirl your body and just to 'meditate' a little bit, to be aware of your mind, body and soul. I think, that's my thing! Meditation and Yoga :) I should try Pilates someday, too :)

Namaste, and much love.