Again and again NYC!

and I just can't get enough! :)

Yes, I was in the city today! One day before I'm leaving for my two- week california trip! I took the boys of my hostfamily into the city and we've did a bunch of cool stuff, for teenagers I guess. No I'm just kidding! It was a lot of fun to hang around with them and being the tourguide, haha :-D

Me, the tourguide! And no, you wouldn't see all these touristy things with me although I still need to check some places out, for example I haven't been to Ellis Island or I haven't been on the Empire either.. Let's see if I can make it before I leave.

So, we went to Momofuku's noodle bar for lunch. We've had the pork and shrimp buns as an appetizer and different ramen noodles. It was delicious! I loved the pork buns. Afterwards we checked out Questlove's Hoodie Shop. Really nice hoodies, but kind of expensive though. But you can still go there and check out the interior design, a lot of fun! I like hoodies, they are comfortable! But that's a different topic, another time..

The boys couldn't help and needed to go to Economy Candy on Rivington close to Chinatown, there was so much trash! :-D It was my first time in that store and it looked so packed! Full of candy, they've had everything! Of course also chocolate from good old Germany! A paradise for kids and a nightmare for their teeth! We were walking towards Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho and the kids wanted to get more candy! What about cupcakes this time? :-D They've got mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa and they've said: OMG! They were SO GOOD! I'm sorry guys, I cannot give you good reviews on candy or cupcakes because I'm trying to stay away from everything- sugar! :-D