Baking my own bread

Sunday night my hostfamily had friends over for a BBQ. The friends brought some homemade bread, which was very good and quinoa salad! I asked them for the recipes because I was thinking about baking my own bread also.

Why? I like bread but it's hard to find really good and healthy bread here in the U.S., and I also don't want to eat too much processed food, so why not making your own? You know what's inside and it'll be less expensive long- term. You don't even need a bread machine! 

Actually we've found WASA- Knäckebrot here =D It says: 100% whole grain and a product of Germany. My hostfamily started buying them because of me! :)

So, today I tried out the recipe and this is the result:

The recipe is really easy! I thought it would be much harder to bake bread but I think you just have to start doing it and then try out things.. Next time I'd like to add different grains and use more whole- wheat flour and leave the all- purpose flour out. We've had it for dinner with salad and I dipped it in guacamole, delicious! The crust is the best part, don't you think?

Usually I don't eat carbs (rice, pasta, bread) for dinner time anymore, but of course I've had to try my own bread! :) 

My health- tip: I cut down on carbs at night because after dinner you usually go to bed and then you don't really workout or burn these added calories anymore.