Packing for California!

On Saturday I'm going to Californiaaaaaaa! :))) And I'm so excited!!!

Westcoast for two weeks: San Francisco- Yosemite Nationalpark- Las Vegas- Grand Canyon- Colorado River- Los Angeles. My friend Tabea and I, we booked a tour with a group of people with camping and hiking. This tour will last 7days and the rest of the second week we're planning on visiting San Diego and Santa Monica. I hope everything will work out! Wish us good luck!

And now back to packing, I don't even know where to start! Luckily the tour agency gave us some sort of packing list for the 7- day tour :)

✓ Warm sweater/Fleece ✓ Shaving supplies

✓ Casual 'evening out' clothes ✓ Waterproof jacket

✓ Hiking shoes / Boots (optional) ✓ Waterproof sandals or flip-flops

✓ Hat / Gloves ✓ Comfortable day shoes

✓ Swim wear ✓ Sunscreen / Sunglasses

✓ Camera ✓ Alarm clock / Watch ✓ Small Flashlight (Torch)

✓ Insect repellent ✓ Travel power adaptor (optional) ✓ Sleeping bag

✓ Towel & face cloth ✓ Toiletries / Personal medicine 

We're spending the second week in San Diego, Santa Monica and San Francisco again, so I'd add more clothes, what about your sporting gear as well? Sports bra, running shoes. Some basic accessories/ jewelry, maybe one or two scarves (rain and fog in San Fran!), handbags, sandals, etc. I'd just recommend not to overload your suitcase, think easy, comfortable and mix and match your outfits!

I cannot wait to see these beautiful places and being out in nature! Just to be away from the computer for a couple of days is refreshing for me and hopefully the weather will be on our side! Hello bears, I'm coming! Mosquitos, please stay away from me! I hope you guys can get out of the house, city, country, continent as well!

Let's finish packing :-)