shopping in brooklyn

After the pool on friday, I went on Bedford Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn and did a little bit of shopping! Oh yes, saving up money is harder than I've thought!!! I've ended up in a thrift store, buying two skirts and a vest. When you're around Williamsburg, check out: Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange and Beacon's Closet: buy, sell, trade! I might go there to sell or trade some of my stuff before I hit my way home :)

And don't forget:

Smorgasburg and the Williamsburg Waterfront Flea on Sat./Sun.! There are so many thrift/ second hand shops here in New York, so many flea markets, street fairs and more.. 

I will definitely miss that! Nice markets where you can make great bargains, you might also find designer clothing and unique stuff. Small artists all over the fleas (and all over the city!) are trying to sell their goods, be it clothes, jewelry or food. For instance, the other day I've had spicy pickles from Brooklyn-McClure's Pickles, so good!!! I like everything hot! :)

So, when you end up in Brooklyn, you should definitely try the many thrift stores and flea markets! Enjoy shopping and thrifting in BK ;-)

My shopping- tip: Try to look for bargains, sell or trade clothes if you don't want them anymore. Set a limit of how much money you want/can actually spend on that day.