Taking care of yourself

Shift Happens

By Daniel Scott

It is perfectly ok to admit—out loud, even—that everything is not OK. Things change. The honeymoon ends. Strong feelings fade, transform. Paths cross, diverge. People come together. The grass seems greener elsewhere. People come apart, at the seams. Too little, too late. Too much, too soon. Relationships. Jobs. Family. Friends. School. Money. Love.

Like it or not, these are all matters of the heart. The heart is a muscle that, just like every other muscle, responds to how it's treated. It can be built up or broken down, strained or relaxed, torn or repaired. Know that a hungry heart can quickly become gluttonous. Be it pain or pleasure, punishment or reward, it is easy to by enslaved by craving and aversion.

Take care of your heart, and it will take care of you. Yet, even if you manage to keep it healthy, no amount of vim and vigor will protect it from getting hit by the random bus hiding in your blind spot. Even if you do remember to look both ways (which you always do, right?), this will often happen while hastily crossing the street in search of those greener pastures. What do you do when the shift hits the fan? 

Take it. Easy. Be good to your Self. 

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I just read this article and it is so true!

Now, that my year in the U.S. is going towards the end (six more weeks or so!!) I think a lot about what have happened in the past. I had troubles here and there but also a lot of great moments. Overall I started taking care of myself, my mind and my body. I've learned that life sometimes sucks, it just happens but it is YOUR choice every single day how you are going to deal with it. It is YOUR life that you're living and sometimes changes are good. YOU can decide whether or not it hits you hard or HOW hard. Don't stop living and wait for your luck, go out and appreciate everything you have, be grateful for your family and friends, be grateful for your legs which carry you everyday, be grateful for the water you're drinking. You don't have to overdo it but just to be happy that you're able to see the sunshine and smile, enjoy these moments. 

Love and blessings,

have a great weekend