My story from Gold to Green.

Hey guys!

I'm going to transform the name of this blog into: Gold to green. I'm also changing the content of it. To tell you about why I'm doing this is because throughout my year in the U.S. I've changed a little bit and transformed my way of looking at life.

Funny story, I was talking to one of my friends and told him how my year in the U.S. was so far and I've told him this:

Before I came here I wasn't as health conscious and fit as I am now. I went out a lot, drank too much alcohol! Walked my feet off in really high! heels and I didn't really care about what I ate and consumed. I shopped a lot and spent so much money on clothes and accessories. I was kind of a shopping- addict, which I think still am :-D but now I would rather spend more money on good food or high quality ones. After the winter months with thanksgiving, my birthday and christmas I felt the need of starting to exercise and to start doing something with all my freetime I had. And of course I didn't want to come back from the U.S. and being a round girl ;-) In the U.S. you're always sitting in your car and you are not really able to ride with your bike to places. Instead in my small hometown in Germany I took my bike everywhere! 

That's why I started running in January/February 2012.

At the beginning it was really hard, but it became easier and easier with time and now it is so relieving for me and I just feel way better with it! I felt that a lot of things in working out and exercising I could transfer into real life. For example, if you feel like your body cannot run anymore I kept telling myself: Don't give up! Never ever give up, push harder! And I just reminded myself: How bad do you really want it? (It: finishing your run, achieving your goals). So I've started to practice self-discipline and consistency. And you know what? I've never felt as energetic as I do now!

I also started reading a lot about health, fitness and nutrition. And honestly I was really thinking about applying for a nutrition major but I've figured that it wouldn't be realistic since I'm really bad at biology and chemistry! :-) In addition my friend Frances introduced me into Yoga. I watched documentaries about 'being green' and just to be conscious about mother nature and what surrounds us every single day. Here I didn't go out that much anymore, I am enjoying cooking together with friends a lot more than going into a club. I didn't drink that much and I am still thinking of giving up alcohol at all. I don't smoke as well. It's just not good for your body and I don't like having a hangover the day after and not being able to do anything because your body has to recover. 

Now I love getting up early in the morning, time is precious and I just want to start the day early and be productive, active! I love being outside, jogging, biking, swimming! I wear less make- up now and it is just so much better for my skin! I feel FREE! I got to know myself and my body much better.

I love my new ME! 

During my stay in the U.S. I could focus on myself, this year was MY year, and actually every single day should be about you and your dreams, what you really want in life, it is YOURS.

Life is too short to just sit there and wait for your luck! So get up and just do it!

After hearing this story, my friend was like: "That's interesting, that you became like this in the U.S.! Returning from the U.S. people would expect you to be more spoiled. And I don't know if we would get to know each other if you'd have stayed the same. You became 'gold to green'." YES! I think so :-)

This here right now in the U.S. feels like a one-year dream which will end soon but I should stop thinking that way because I LIVE NOW! I BREATHE NOW AND THIS IS MY LIFE FOR RIGHT NOW! I am very thankful for my experience here and I would like to keep this blog alive, it could help me to remind myself to never stop learning, changing, growing and evolving.

GOLD: fashion, accessories, beauty to

green: health, body, mind, soul, in general staying green and healthy (food, recipes etc.) 

So, let's spread the word out and share your love.

Peace and lots of love,

M ♥