(Ch)Eating in the city

This thursday I took the boys into the city and we wanted to eat all day! Also: how to eat cheap in Manhattan?! Yes, kind of a cheatday for working out so hard, haha! We went to so many different places and got really cheap food :-) Sorry that I didn't take pictures of all of them, it went by too fast! But I will list the places we've been to!

This doesn't belong to the cheap- eats but to start the day right, we went to the worlds's first oatmeal bar/restaurant, they've just opened up seven weeks ago and after surfing on some food blogs I've found out about Oatmeals in NYC!

Here in the U.S. I've started eating so much oatmeal I've just had to go there!!! I'm crazy about oatmeal and peanutbutter. The first two bowls are: parmesan and fig/gorgonzola and then cherry/chocolate chip and cheesecake/blackberry. I would go there again but I'd stick with sweet oatmeal, savory oatmeal is just too salty and heavy for me.

The boys and I also went to these places..

Dumpling Man: the steamed surprise dumplings were delicious, just less than 1$ each 

Mei Li Wah Bakery: as you can read the reviews, yes the service is terrible!!! But the buns are pretty good for that price, we've had some baked pork buns for 90ct each 

Just on the opposite site of the street, Chinatown IceCream Factory. Yes, the boys really wanted to go there and dragged me inside, crazy asian flavors, but really good! I liked the Red Bean flavor! You can really find cheap food in Chinatown, whenever you're there just check out some restaurants and bakeries.  

Greenwich Village:

Some ice tea because it was so hot that day: David's tea

And then dinner at Numero 28 (not cheap ;-) ) but really good thin crust pizza, the boys were saying that they look like skateboards! 

Dessert at Roccos Pastry on Bleecker Street. We went there for some italian ice cream, hazelnut was actually better than chocolate!

So, that 'cheat' day wasn't too bad, I wasn't like binge eating, it was more like a fun tasting tour for me and the kids. I haven't had pizza for a long time and this one was really really good! =) I prefer thin crust pizzas anyways! 

Enjoy eating and keep exploring the city!