Oh, how I've missed you ♥

Yes! I am talking about lovely NYC. Indeed, I've missed it a little bit while I was on vacation. So I've spent sunday there and the first thing I've done when I got off from the bus was going to Hell's Kitchen Flea and checking out their stuff. I've ended up leaving with a short skirt for 5$ :-)

After that I've met some friends and we headed to Central Park, had a picnic and spent the beautiful day there. I was in a good mood and was very happy to be in New York. 

In the evening I've met a dear friend of mine from Germany, as you can see she's also Vietnamese! Our parents are really good friends and now she's going to spend one year in the U.S, too. It was nice to see her after 13months and we were chatting in english instead of german! We've had dinner in K- town, the korean influenced part of the city.

The restaurant is called Food Gallery 32 and I've had a beef stew with tofu. Pretty good and pretty crowded! But so much variety and for an indecisive person like me it's hard to make a choice! Oh I've had so much fun that day!!! I'm looking forward to the next few days I'm going to spend in the city..

This is my last week in the U.S. now, time went by too fast..