Thanks for sharing

Repost of an amazing and inspiring person which I've met while traveling and yes her experience makes a difference! 

"Many have asked me how I can be away from home and traveling in developing countries for so long. The answer is simple. There're better things to offer outside our comfort zone. If you are dare to take a step out to see the world, you'll find how blinded we are to just stay in our 4x4 SUV, 10x10 living room, 32" monitor and 47" TV. What I learn most from this trip is how to trust people and learn how to build a real relationship with others. I talk to people face to face everyday. I'm not staring at my iphone checking messages around the clock. I accept people kindness and help. Having trust on people and accepting care and love from others is what we lack of today. We are civilized but we don't use our tongue to talk anymore. We live in the so called "best city" but we don't open doors to our neighbor anymore. We care but we don't show. We want to help but we're too busy. We see it but we ignore.

Travel is an experience but also an attitude. I'm not fear of bad experience but I'm afraid to live a shallow life! Thanks everyone along the way to teach me how to live a better life. Life is too precious so let's enjoy everyday, rain or shine!
God bless you all!

Let's keep reaching out to people around us and don't hesitate to offer what we have, more or less. Sometimes, your gift is bigger than you can imagine." 

Thank you Carla Chan,

take care and I hope our paths will cross again soon xx