Vegan in NYC

One of my friends asked me where I would like to spend my last night in the U.S.? 

I've told her that I would love to spend it in the city, but everything seemed very stressful with packing and getting myself ready to fly back home tuesdays. But anyway, I've decided to go! It's NYC, come on! :) It was a monday night and we went out for dinner in the West Village.

We wanted to try some vegan food and checked out Gobo. It was really good and I just love seaweed! So we've had the kale, seaweed, beet salad with toasted walnuts, the tempura shitake caps in mashed sweet potatoes & raisins and the roti canai with malaysian curry. Excellent food! And honestly I think it is much more challenging for a chef to cook and experiment with vegetables than it is with meat! 

For dessert we've had some healthy sweet treats :) Fruits covered in dark delicious chocolate at Forbidden fruit.I enjoyed my last night in the city and was thinking a lot about the past 13months...

A lot have changed and more will come.

Stay tuned,

heading back to good old Germany..