Black x White

zara lookbook 2013

zara lookbook 2013

Yes, it is summer and although I'm more into colours when the weather is getting hotter I just love black and white. It is not a new trend, but black and white always work. It's like: What to wear today? Go all black or all white, nothing wrong with it, just mix it up with statement pieces and a nice handbag or shoes. Well done then!

I think it's easier to go all black since I feel like there are so many white tones of clothes. Like there are white-beige ones or really really white ones. You have to try and mix up your white clothes together and see if it works. Moreover I'm always super careful with white clothes because I'm the type who'd spill tomato sauce over it :D And black works if it's not super hot outside, but a sheer fabric will work and then you can wear a foot-long dress.

If you don't like it all black or all white, then mix them up. I love the clean chic of the outfits below. Oh and have a look at the panda-jacket, don't you love pandas? :) They are one of my favorite animals!

Here are my favorite streét styles from the Urban Spotter, Refinery 29, Style by Kling and Fashiontoast.