Dr. Hauschka cosmetics ♥

Yep! Working at an organic food and health store has its pros =) 

Last week I had my last days there and couldn't resist but splurge on some (a bit expensive when you're a student) natural cosmetics! One day I've attended a Dr. Hauschka workshop due to work and got the 'Quince Day Cream', the 'Toned day Cream' and the 'Lipbalm'. After that workshop I just fell in love with the company and their products! 

Dr. Hauschka does not use any chemicals or conventional ingredients, moreover they try not to use alcohol and create creams which don't irritate your skin, they rather strengthen and revitalise it. They also offer visits in which you can look into their garden and participate in a cosmetic presentation.

I haven't used the Cream and Lipbalm yet because I don't like lipbalms, they just dry out your lips even more. Maybe I'll try it in the winter months. The Toned day Cream is just perfect when you don't feel like wearing make- up but still want to have some colour in your face =)

Additionally I've bought the 'Volume Mascara' and the 'Lemon, Lemongrass Body Oil' which I'll use in the summer instead of my coconut oil. The Lemongrass scent will freshen you up and get you ready for the day. Oh, and did you notice the golden design of their products? :)