Food Friday: Green Juice

Yummy! =D No?! Oh right, it is green and does not look very delicious, but I can assure you that this small drink is loaded with vitamins and nutrients your body needs! What did I do in the U.S.? My boys and me, we would watch documentaries about food! Haha, yes food! There are many interesting ones, if you're in the states, check out Netflix! If not I'm your ambassador! 

One day we watched Fat, sick and nearly dead and I was inspired by Joe Cross who started the revolution of juicing in the U.S. He was indeed fat, sick and nearly dead and his conditions were pretty bad. Cross then promised to heal himself by eating fruits and vegetables for 60 days instead of taking in tons of pills. Traveling through the U.S. with a juicer and walking a lot he came across some people, talked with them about health, food and actually spread out the word. It is a nice documentary about people who try to save themselves from their diseases because the only one who can is YOU! Check out the trailer and get inspired as well!

Being inspired I've wanted to try out juicing but didn't start until this spring. I felt like I needed a cleanse after this very long winter... I drank them for two days, three juices a day replacing whole meals. In the mornings mostly fruits, for lunch a mixed one and for dinner vegetables only. I quit. It was not enough for me, not chewing and being done with 'eating' so quickly. And yes I know it was my mind telling me that I cannot resist but chewing on things, but I don't take it too seriously. That was my first experience with a 'juice cleanse' ever. Instead I did a vegan week and ate a lot of raw foods, which worked well for me.

Nevertheless, I like the taste of green juices a lot, mixing and trying out different ingredients is fun! Yeah, I know they really do not look good, but honestly I'm talking about self-made green juices and not some packed up carrot or tomato juice from your super market ;-) Once in a while I make myself green juices in the morning or in the afternoon. It definitely revs up my metabolism and although it does not look as good, it nurtures my body to the fullest. Check out those great charts to mix up your own green juice at home. No expensive juicer needed, a food processor will do its job, too! 

I always include spinach or kale, frozen spinach works if you don't have fresh one. Additionally I try to mix up sweet fruits with vegetables so I won't need added sugar.

Here are more refreshing recipes:  Green smoothies from Refinery29 and Green Juices from Mind Body Green.

And why should you add greens to your everyday life? Read on: 10 Reasons.

Have fun mixing! :) 

edit: read more about the health benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits, such as taking in a wider variety of vegetables and cleansing your body: easy green juice. Oh finally! Germany has noticed the benefits of green juices! For German readers: even Miranda Kerr is juicing, click here