Food Friday: Oatmeal

That's what I eat for breakfast! Every single morning :)

Oatmeal is super yummy and I just love it! The consistency, the warmth in your tummy, the different mixtures and hey it makes you feel happy and full! In the U.S. I'd eat the packaged ones but since there is none in good old Germany, I make my own which is way healthier as well! You won't have added sugars then. How do I make it?

You need:

oats, water or milk, nuts, fruits

and if you like, add some: honey, cinnamon, jelly, peanut butter, chocolate.. just put a square of chocolate in it and let it melt! Delicious!!! :)

Mix everything and then if you really have time, put in on the stove and heat it up, if not: microwave it for like 3-5min. We'd cook it on the stove for the whole family on sundays.

My favorite mixtures are: banana-peanut butter-berries-dark chocolate with almonds on top and apple-cinnamon!

Tip :Whenever I add banana, I use a fork to mash it up.

Instead of plain water or milk I mix mine up with hot green tea, so I don't have to put my bowl in the microwave either. So, tea works, too! It's super good for the winter months because it keeps you full and it's warm! :) I'd agree if you don't like it in the summer but I've convinced my roommate and she's totally hooked! She mixes up her chocolate muesli with fruits and milk and then put it in the microwave.

Have fun mixing and stirring! 

There's even an oatmeal restaurant in New York, check it out!