Green Tea at Mamecha's

What do you guys do on a saturday when it's rainy outside? Right, you meet friends for coffee and have some cake. Although I always meet friends for 'coffee', I'd always get tea. This morning we've decided to go to a tea place instead of a coffee place. Google helped us and we've found MAMECHA!

It's a super neat green tea café where you get many varities of tea and also green tea cheesecake! Don't you love the colour of it? :) It's close to Hackescher Markt, Berlin. We've had the iced matcha latte and the mugi-cha which were both delicious. I mean it's bitter ;-) but I like it. The cheesecake was interesting as well and I can tell I'd go there again to try their japanese lunches!

Why I drink green tea? Well, my parents do a lot and last year I've tried drinking it every morning. Since then I think it's a great way to get some caffeine instead of coffee. Coffee can be good, too but I'm more the tea type. I also drink tea in the summer, you just have to try it and then see if it fits you. Here are some reasons to try out green tea and read this to compare the health benefits of green tea with coffee.

Mamecha, Mulackstr. 33, 10119 Berlin