Joni Sternbach: Surfland

Strolling through the world of blogs I've found out about Joni Sternbach. She is a New Yorker photographer who is specialized in picturing and filming contemporary land-and seascapes. This artwork: Surfland is portraying surfers from the U.S. and Australia in tintype.

In her words the subject of Surfland is a series of environmental portraits, taken at the edge of water. It is devotated to the people and the sport and not just the sport itself. Her photos are fascinating by creating magical moments between the surfers and the vast landscapes surrounding them.

I hope that one day I will be able to surf the coasts as well. It is amazing how surfers, snowboarders and I mean any sport in nature, create a harmony or unity with it. Although being in nature can be dangerous and rough, I think that most of us are longing for freedom. Freedom of spending time outside, smelling fresh air, hiking through the woods and swimming in the ocean. The best moments in life I was having so far was seeing what nature can create, for example in the Grand Canyons. I'm very much looking forward to learn how to surf! 

The time will come when I'm ready for it! :)

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