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Just read this lovely article about 'How to get what you want and earning karmic bonus' by Mind Body Green:'Whenever you open your mouth — or place your fingers on the keyboard — you have an opportunity to add to the love in the world, or subtract from it.

You have an opportunity to lift someone’s spirits — or sink ‘em. You have a chance to get what you need while giving — or get what you need while taking....Read on the article.

Unconditional love means loving without expecting anything in return. Love because you believe in it. I believe in the good and positive in human beings although some of them can be cruel, but I think that in their most inner part that everyone is true and seeks out love.

However, before loving or giving love to anyone else, love yourself first because that's the the longest and deepest relationship you're having with! Look within and start embracing your uniqueness! 

10 quotes to remind YOU to love yourself