My once-in-a-year-haircut

Yes! Today I've got my once-in-a-year-haircut because I'm always afraid of cutting my long hair. I have to admit that my last time was in the U.S.: August 27th '12! I'd just let them grow and grow. They belong to me and I definitely cannot imagine myself with like.. short hair. My friends from college kept telling me that I should go let my hair cut because they were just toooo long. And I'd always answer: Naahh, I love my hair, I don't want to!!! 

This week I was just so annoyed about my super dry ends and I was like: Oh my, why not? One of my friends said:

Honey, you're only young once and your hair will grow anyways, just do it!

Haha, so I did! It was at a french inspired barber shop called L'atelier in Skalitzerstraße. Yes, everyone was right, it feels so nice having your hair freshly cut! It feels nice and healthy again. The hairdresser recommended me to go shoulder-length, so I could mess around with my hair. He also said, that I'd have more freedom and structure. I was really tempted to, but decided not to. I was like: Okay.. maybe in a couple of months, step by step. I'll see! :) I should get my hair cut more often!

To the outfit: It's all black :) and white! The cardigan and blouse are from the Zara summer sale. The pants are from Pieces and the bag is from the longboard shop Funky Summer. What about the shoes? Well, looking for women's skating shoes was like almost impossible! Why aren't there nice ones?! The other day I was looking for some to ride with my longboard. I've tried on Vans and stuff, but they didn't fit me at all. It was like: That's definitely not me! Thinking about it, I didn't want to spend a lot of money for shoes I can damage. So, I went for just plain black no-name shoes and I'm happy about it! They don't even look that bad and the guys from the longboard shop recommended me to go with cheaper ones because I'm gonna break them anyways.

I'll let you know about my longboarding progress and whether or not I'll go short-hair ;-)