Never give up

Yosemite Hike 2012

Yosemite Hike 2012

If your goal seems far away to reach, things might be hard, strenuous and you're tempted to give up. Don't. You're in the middle of your path and your life. What did Confucius once said 'The journey is the destination'. You should move forward, do it little by little, one step at a time and then give it some patience and you'll get there!

Just had to work on a paper for college and I've spent hours and days working on that thing. My exams are over but I hate dealing with papers although you're on holidays. Anyways, I'm not complaining, I like my studies a lot and I'm happy with it! What I'm saying is, life cannot always be fun and amazing. There will be some obstacles and you cannot control it. It just happen, but then there is no way out but moving forward. Never give up!!!

Do the best out of every situation and see every little challenge (yes even a term paper :-P) as a new opportunity to grow and to learn! And then when you're done with one task: the feeling of relief and accomplishment arrives! Finally I can tick that paper off my TO-DO list! YES :) What did I do afterwards? I went for a run because I was sitting in front of my computer all day. It's the same thing with sports: I was never a runner until I've got inspired by my hostmum in the U.S. one and a half year ago. She pushed me forward and during the runs I'd think:

Oh my.. I cannot run anymore, I cannot move...but guys, it's all happening in your mind! Your body can run, your body and we human beings are made for excellence! And hey, how great does it feel when you can say: I'VE DID IT!!! :) :)

Change starts outside your comfort zone.