People come and go, sadly.. but some stay, luckily

Relationships, friendships, marriages, acquaintanceships.. they sometimes break off and you feel devastated because you might have lost your best friend or even your beloved-one. I think everyone knows how it feels. It might be just a phase or something occurred or I mean you're oceans apart.

So, some might leave then and you feel sad. I've learned to deal with it. How?

Well, just enjoy the present moment to the fullest! Enjoy the time you have with your friends, family and so on. Don't think too much about the future like: what will happen then.. At that point you might have get to know someone else. No, you cannot replace friends, nor experiences but if you're not mourning about someone for too long you'll get to know great people and gain new awesome experiences.

Their story might be over in your life, but they were part of it and sometimes it wasn't meant to be. Hey, and honestly: Spend time with people who lift you up and who encourage you to do the things you want to do in life because if not, what's the point then? Why would you spend time with people who drain the energy out of you? Or why would you think about people who make you sad and angry? I don't know if you've already met people like these, but there are certain people I cannot spend time with for long. They'd ask me so many questions and say things like: But.. what if you don't have enough money? What if you're not able to fulfill your dream? What if you have to come back home after traveling for so long? many more questions to come..

The only thing I can say is: My dream is right now! Living and being able to do the things I love and staying optimistic about anything I do. When there is love there is hope. The people who are supposed to be with you, will be there! Important people will stay, no matter what.

For doubting ones: Yes, I might not fulfill my dreams but I can be happy on my path to it. Enjoy the path to Your dreams! Click here for some tips to deal wth people who drain your energy.