Superfood: Chia-Seeds

Living in the U.S., having a lot of time for myself, I've spent most of it doing sports and reading about nutrition. Surfing on the internet and reading many blogs, I came along chia-seeds. 

I've already added flax seeds to my meals, but chia seeds? I thought that they are pretty expensive. They actually are not. I was completely surprised when I've found them here in GER, yes, at my organic health store :) Now I'm trying them out, but I'm not sure how much I should take in to fully get the benefits. 

It's supposed to help you with digestion, boost your energy and it has the Omega 3+6 fatty acids which would aid in cognitive and learning performance. I've made pudding out of it (just stir it up in water and let it sit for at least one hour) and try to add it into oatmeal, juices and salads. Just found out that it might be a food trend, but I like the neutral flavor and the consistency because hey: it expands and after an hour you have pudding?! 

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I'm curious if I'll notice something soon, will keep you updated ;-)