Taking decisions and not regretting them

I am not the best decision taker in the world because I feel like I am always torn between things. I mean really good things like food (duh =D ) or places you've never been. 

Well, not long ago I had to take a big one. Big is relative, it always depends on how much it means to you. I was torn between two really good jobs and did not know how to decide. Moreover I already did take my decision by saying yes to one job first. Then, before it actually started, the second one just popped up and I was like: 

When things change that fast and you don't expect them: stay calm! I tried to make a PRO and CONS list and asked friends and family what to do and how to decide. Nobody can take your decisions, you have to make them. One full week passed and my mind was going crazy. What did I do? I sat down, turned everything off and meditated. I took my time to really go into myself and tried to focus on what I really wanted. My decision was made.
Whenever you take a decision, stay calm and listen to your heart (or your gut). Really try to focus on what YOU want and not what others would do in your situation, it is not their life it is yours! And then the next step: Don't look back and never think about stuff like: What if..? 
No! YOU took that decision and now it's up to you to fully embrace it. Do it with love and be grateful for being able to take choices. Even if bad times are coming, make the best out of every situation and you'll never regret it because sometimes it was your destiny. 

There is a quote saying something like: If you don't make your own choices, others will do. It's a luxury to know what you want to do in life but I think honestly no one does. You cannot plan your life for the next ten years. While you're planning out your life, time will fly by and you haven't done anything fun or spontanuous. Or in the worst case something will come up and it doesn't fit into your plan and your system breaks down. So, try to be more spontanuous, do not plan too much. Once in a while try to allow yourself to just live in the day and enjoy every bit of it.

Oh, do you know what the best thing about life is? If you really made a wrong decision or you feel like something is wrong: YOU CAN CHANGE RIGHT NOW!

My mantra: Everyday I choose to be happy.