Vogue Netherlands May '13: A longboard story

Model: Anne-Marie van Dijk in Vogue Netherlands May 2013, Photographer: Anne Menke

How would you incorporate a longboard into a high-fashion editorial?

Just shoot a model who rides a longboard, put some designer clothes on her and let it print in the Vogue Netherlands May 2013! Sounds fun, huh? I'm sure it definitely was! Look at the pictures, I can imagine these guys had tons of it shooting this. In my opinion the photgrapher did a great job and the female model just looks super cool with the board. The outfits with the prints and colours make it more exciting. These looks don't look too boyish, still fashionable and I suppose it is possible to ride a longboard in these clothes. I love this editorial by mixing up one of my favorite hobbies with another passion of mine:

Fashion x Longboarding.

My favorite pictures are: the one above, orange colours go well with the blonde hair and her pants are great! The third one below with the black oversize sweater and the green/blue pants- doesn't it look super independent, cool, stylish and like: 'You know what? I don't care what you think!' Love it! And the one with the olive green jacket is nice, as well. Oh my, I really need sweaters like these to longboard, especially when it gets cooler at night.

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