Cat eyes x Indian tailor

I met up with one of my friends from high school and we went to the Nowkoelln Flowmarkt. It was really really nice seeing her especially when you just get to see each other once or twice a year. So this is Samira and I've always liked her style. She wears a lot of black but still owns several special pieces in her wardrobe. Like she'd say: I cannot imagine living without black clothes! =D I also love how she mixes up her outfits with vintage and second hand.

Samira told me that the blazer is from India and is actually made for men. Men are smaller and thinner there, so she got a male one which fits perfectly to her statue. I really like the mixture of chic-cool by pairing the blazer with sneakers and the bike ;-) It looks independent and sporty. Looking at this composition, I've noticed that I've never worn a blazer before when taking my bike out, maybe I should try out. 

Once again: Yes, you can go all black without looking like going to a funeral. Black can be fun, yet elegant and cool at the same time. Pair it with nice shoes, accessories and more ;-)

Go for a golden necklace and a vintage bike!

Weekday sweater, Indian tailor-made blazer, COS black leggings, Nike Air Vortex sneakers,

Cheap Monday sunglasses, Casio watch, golden necklace from grandma's and second hand backpack.

edit: See what's inspiring Samira on her tumblr: sur Madame Lugosi.