Food Friday: Stir-fry tofu x Bok Choy x Soy curry

What is it called? Yeah, improvisation with ME!

Last night, I had some friends over and we were like: What to cook? What to eat? No idea! The only thing I knew was: I was longing for tofu and curry. We bought chinese bok choy, wanted to steam it and then dip it into fish sauce. A simple dish. Instead I did something totally different. Have a look.

If you don't have curry sauce in the house, curry powder will work with some soy milk.

For the sauce I've used:

lots of curry powder, or put as much as you like

soy milk, not the sweetened one

some herbs, salt and pepper.

Cut up all the vegetables, we've used broccoli, cauliflower and bok choy and steamed everything for like 5 min. We did the stir-fry with coconut oil, which works really well with curry. Heat up the oil with some sunflower seeds and then add the vegetables until they are cooked. Add the whole bowl of sauce, some fish sauce and salt when needed. Try to taste it and then decide. At last the tofu, which can just be heatend up.

The other tofu dish we've made was:




tofu and fish sauce

Heat everything up in this order and then try to fry the tofu a bit. Add lots of fish sauce, don't worry, the sauce will steam away anyways.

So, that was it. Super easy Vietnamese influenced dish. And that's how you make your own curry sauce out of some soy milk, curry powder and whatever your taste is longing for! Have some rice or couscous with it.

Enjoy :)