Getting back on track: # 2 Strength training

Today was the first time since three weeks that I started my strength workout again. I would do this two to three times a week, 60 minutes each session. So, I try to mix it up, one day going for a 45 to 60 minutes run and then the next day strength training. 

Why? Because I feel sooo much better when working out. I'd do this in the a.m. to kick up my metabolism and to just have a fresh start into the new day. You know what I do before major exams? Meditation and then working out! It frees my mind and then I can really focus on the important things. Try it.

And girls! Don't be afraid of some sit-ups and push-ups, I think strength training is essential since you're just toning up your muscles a bit. And no, I don't want to bulk up and become a female hulk! I just think that especially when you get older it's more difficult to gain muscles or to actually keep them, even more when you're a girl. Why start exercising when you're already  sick? Start now when it's still easy to kick your butt and get moving!


Start small: doing sit-ups, maybe three sets of 20 repetitions, same with push-ups, planks, lunges and so on. For some help and inspiration watch these videos from

Popsugar Fitness:

10 Minute Full Body Workout

10 Minute Leg Workout

10 Minute Yoga Workout with Weights

10 Minute Abs Workout

10 Minute Arm Workout

I've found them when I was in the U.S., strolling through health/fitness blogs. They're great when your schedule is tight and you don't have time to go to a gym. Mix them up and do a full 60 minute-session for free! Let your sweat running! My favorites are the yoga with weights workout and the leg workout. Do the Abs-Workout and let me know if it's not hard for you!

My health-tip: Why spending money on a gym, when you can work on your strength with your own bodyweight? Later start with full water bottles and then do it like me: Ask your brother/dad if you can use their free weights.

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