Getting back on track: #3 Muscle ache and maintaining

How do I feel after a good workout the day before? I can feel my muscles which I haven't used for a while and don't you feel great?! :) Yeah, it might hurt and you're feeling like: Oh my, I cannot move anymore, just want to lay down and sleep forever.

Trick: Do not! MOVE instead! What? Yes, really, I'm telling you, the muscle ache will leave when you keep on exercising and moving. If not, the ache will take much longer to heal itself. Then you'll wait another week for the next workout and then the day after you'll have another ache. So, get moving and try to get used to exercise. 

I try to exercise most of the days rather than working out one day per week and skipping six. With this method, I can skip one or most of all two days in a row and then get moving again. You do not have to go for another run or do the same workout again, find some light exercise like yoga or find a sports hobby like longboarding, soccer, tennis, biking, beach volleyball, inline skating or climbing. Anything fun!

How to find a hobby? Try things out and do it for one week, and then another and see if it fits your lifestyle and if it has the right purpose for you. For example: Yoga and meditation for me is to keep me focused, to clear my mind and to calm down in this hectic world. Longboarding is passion and freedom, I'm feeling like a kid again. Need this for new inspiration and energy. Find YOUR active hobby!

Furthermore: Working out hard you might also feel: Okay, I can now allow myself some ice-cream, cake or cookies. My thought would be: Did you workout the first time in your life or do you do it every single/or other day? If so, then hell yeah, go for it! If it was your first time, I'd try to stay away from sugar and fats or did you workout to maintain bad food habits? And NO, I do indulge as well, but just not as often ;-) 

I choose to nourish my body with greens and engery. Just anything which lifts me up. At the end it's your body, it's on you!

I might post an article on how to say NO to bad food choices soon, so stay tuned, keep moving and never give up!

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