Getting back on track: The time is NOW!

# 1: Food habits
Oh wow, after binging on food and having a döner here and there it's just super hard to get back on track. I mean going for a run once in a while is okay, but keep doing it is the real thing. Being dedicated to your actual lifestyle is hard especially when you're stressed out, having friends over who'd eat fast food and so on.

Here's the deal: I've been eating 'badly' for my standards for like three weeks now and I do feel unhealthy. I'm always tired, feeling sick and sluggish. Additionally there was the Berlin Fashion Week three weeks ago and then I had friends over from home for like.. yeah, they stayed three weeks long. Result: No meditation, no strength workout, bad food choices and being inconsistent with my routines.

You know what I really do not like? When people around you say things like: Hey, don't be hard on yourself, you can have that once in a while... Well, what if that 'Once in a while' happens every other day?! NO MORE! I do not understand how people would be like: Hey, yes you should definitely eat fast food when you actually know that's bad for you. I get that it tastes good and stuff, but it slows down your metabolism and you'll feel like me: Sick. 

I think it's not worth it when you pay with your health, so I rather stay away from fats and sugar.

I'm lacking of energy, so what my body really needs is: REAL food meaning vegetables, fruits, whole grains and seeds. Tons of water as well!   

It's so easy to just give in and to indulge in food cravings, but what I ask myself right now is: Do I really want this long-term? Did I start eating healthier and mindfully to give up after almost two years? NO! And this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change. Let's get back on track starting NOW.

Here are some tips if you want to get healthier and read my weekend food shopping post for a refridgerator-makeover!

YES, call me a health-freak ;-)

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