LesMads Fashion Week party at Cookies

I don't have to say more right?! =D Oh my, it was so much fun! Although I was super tired and super exhausted of the week I just had to attend the LesMads party. Before we came, we took a nap and were like: Okay, we're super tired, let's just go there for an hour and then leave. The 90's motto wasn't our thing anways.

Yeah, right, this plan didn't really work out. Instead we've stayed until 5am, considering that we had to be at work the following morning at 9am. They planned some fun activities, like a Glitzerklub in which you could get some glitter on your face, your arm or anywhere you liked. Tina went for silver glitter with stars and I went for some gold on my upper cheek. They also had Häagen-Dazs ice-cream for some refreshment which was really good since it was super humid and hot inside the club. Moreover you could win some beauty prices at their raffle. So, we've danced to some hiphop beats all night long until it was already bright outside :)