New In: Thu Thu Shorts, H&M Blazer & Shorts, Vintage Shirt

Last saturday I went shopping with some friends, it was the first time since I've been here working and living. What happened? All my friends ended up buying NOTHING =D I was the only one splurging on some new clothes, oh my! How will I survive in Berlin with this huge summer sale?

First thing I've got myself was the lovely shorts of the ThuThu Sample Sale! I've tried on some jackets as well, but just couldn't afford it. When I wore the shorts, which has a very extraordinary cut because at first sight it looks like a skirt, but really is a shorts. I also love the colour, I think it fits me very well and the imprint with the Sapa-made details makes it even more special. Thanks, ThuThu!

Strolling through Torstraße we went into a Vintage store and found a lot of Cheap Monday and Weekday clothes there. It was pretty affordable and I couldn't resist but buying the grey, sleeveless shirt with hoodie. Liked the cut and it was only 15 bucks. It's a shop of Paul's Boutique in which they sell vintage shoes, sunglasses and mainly Cheap Monday clothes.

What did I get next? Yeah, we've had to check out the new Forever 21 store at Kuhdamm, but it wasn't as great as the other stores. I am pretty fed up with that brand since I was super overwhelmed in the U.S. and was only buying my clothes there. Crazy, huh? Now that it is here in Germany, I don't want it anymore and I have to say, the quality is not good. Still, nice trends.

Last but not least H&M at Kuhdamm, there I've got the patterned shorts, which were on sale for 3€! And then my eyes got stuck on the beautiful white and clean blazer! I've tried it on and really really liked it. I was looking for a white blazer for such a long time, now I've found it! It is one the H&M Trend collection which is only sold in several specific stores in Germany. 50% off! Actually I'm not the blazer-type but still owns a few, it's like I'd buy it, wear it a few times and then never again =D Oh boy, need to rethink the whole shopping-thing again, but I'm much better than one year ago!

Yes, we've had to check out the new brand of the H&M family as well:

& Other Stories. This shop is just amazing, it's cheaper than COS but less abstract. It's minimalistic, yet feminine. They have really nice clothes, a lot of black, but also violet, blue and white. With this brand the H&M group wants to aim for young women who create their own individual stories. So, I bought a black dress, which I'm still not sure if I should keep it or not. Do you also buy stuff and be like: Oh well, if not, I just return it.

Let's see if I can deal with the ongoing summer sale.. hopefully it's over soon :)