On my read list: The Litte Book of Contentment

Speaking of Zen Habits, I think I've started reading Leo Babauta's blog in late December, January '13. After reading the first post, I was totally hooked up! I kept reading and clicking on his blog every single day and then I was like: Ok, wait, he'll need time to write these terrific articles about every day life, its obstacles and how to become truly content. Furthermore I like how he does not have pictures at all, it is really about his writings and his stories he's sharing with us.

Why Zen Habits? Leo likes the philosophy of Zen Buddhism a lot but he is not a Zen monk or Zen practitioner. It just reminds him of being present and to live simply. If you have time, read his story here and see how amazing he is. You can be it, too! 

Now I check his blog every week and he is still fascinating. Leo Babauta is also a fan of Thich Nhat Hanh, which I will introduce another time. Zen Habits really is about how to live simply, health & fitness, motivation and happiness. He is so inspiring and I'm looking up to him about how he has changed and evolved. He transformed a lot and I adore his minimalistic way of life. Whenever I read his posts I'm like: Yes, yes and yes, I fully agree and he is so right! I also like how he guides the reader and really gives him advice. 

By the end of May he posted a special one: The Little Book of Contentment: A guide to becoming happy with life & who you are, while getting things done. Since then it's still on my read list because I haven't find the time yet. 
Leo said that one should really take his/her time to read it in one sitting. It'll take at least an hour or two.


I share it with you today, in hopes that it will help a few of you, or maybe many, who struggle with being happy with yourselves and your lives. It’s a more common problem than you might imagine, and if I can help just a little, that would be amazing.

By Leo Babauta

So, this book is a pdf-data and it's free! 
Still, I'd recommend you to really take your time, sit down and have a cup of tea while reading this.

Breathe and enjoy.