The reason why I haven't posted anything over the weekend or not as much as I'd liked to, was because I was busy caring for others and doing so many things all at once. I'm not going to talk about my problems here but the only thing I have to realize once more is: Listen to your body.

Listen hard. When your body is showing you signs like a bad headache over days, bad mood or you're just exhausted, stressed out and easily annoyed, something IS wrong.

Your body then is telling you to pull the handbrake! Slow down. And this moment right now, I need to admit that my body and my mind need a rest, I have to take responsibility of myself. If not, I can tell you that your body will force you to stop. How? You'll get sick, get a fever and will stay in bed for days. Back in April/May I had a really bad fever I've never had before. My lymph nodes were totally swollen and I was just weak.

Weak to even get up and to dress up myself. After the first day of staying in bed I was like: Oh my, I do not want to stay in bed all day and waste time doing nothing. You're actually NOT doing nothing. Your body is trying to heal itself by forcing your mind to keep calm. Although the doctor told me to take medication, I did not. I've wanted my body to heal itself, not depending on medication, how I cured myself? Next time I'll tell you. 

Do not push too hard. Yes, being ambitious, having high expectations of yourself and all is good, but do not push against your health, your well-being. Take rests if you need it. Really! I know we're all young and there is this stupid saying 'You can sleep when you're dead' but what's the point of pushing to the limits, so that you have to stay in bed for three weeks (or even longer) and then be annoyed of yourself that you've let it come to that. Honestly, who wants to be sick, weak and not being able to step outside of the bedroom? Slow down, do not rush, breathe. Time flies anyways whether you're rushing through life or having some rest once in a while.

So, I'm very much looking forward to some down-time this coming weekend, let's see if I can stay unplanned for the whole weekend. No plans, no schedule, just living in the day and resting. 

Take care :)