THU THU Sample Sale

The Berlin fashion week just went by super fast and I have to say I am suuuper exhausted! Do you know how it is to be tired all week because you're lacking of sleep? It's like you haven't slept for one whole night and then you're just permanently tired all day and night. You won't be able to catch up on some sleep later on.

Anyways, this saturday, I still wanted to spend some time outside with my dear girls. We wanted to check out THU THU's sample sale since she is a London-based designer and she was only here for the fashion week. There's a funny background story to it: On thursday night we went out to the LesMads party at Cookies which was a lot of fun! When we were sitting in that cinema room, the designer of ThuThu and her friends came in, joined us and we've had a really nice chat.

She is also Vietnamese, (haha Vietnamese to the top!) but moved to Germany when she was very young. Her name is Thuy Duong Nguyen and after her studies in fashion she moved to the UK to establish her own brand there. It was really inspiring talking to her. The first moment we were like:

Hey we're also Vietnamese, nice to meet ya!

And then I was like:

I really like your skirt!!!

She answered:

Yeah that's from my brand.

Oh cool, what's that?



She laughed and said:

Groupies huh???! =D

Oh yeah, but the other day I've just read an interesting article about you!

Her clothes are lovely, they have the signature in-SAPA-made-fabrics. Sapa is a region in northern Vietnam in which women weave their own clothes. So, they form this colourful and high-quality patterns out of cotton which Thuy incorporates in her work. I really fell in love with this black jacket I'm wearing, haha, I just cannot take my eyes off of it! But I didn't buy it though,... instead I bought something else from her spring/summer '13 collection :)

Surprise, surprise ;-)