Vietnamese weekend in Berlin

Fam. Dang, Torstraße 125, 10119 Berlin

Since my friend Tina from Munich is here and we were longing for some Vietnamese food, we wanted to try out some restaurants in Berlin. I have to say, there are so many Vietnamese places here, you won't know where to go. She told me that we should check out Fam.Dang because one of her friends recommended it. Friday night we went for Lime Juice, a Goi Mien-Salad with glass noodles, Ga Xau Rau-chicken breast with mixed vegetables and Vietnamese herbs and the same thing with beef: Bo Xau Rau. Everything was really good and super delicious, the waiters were friendly as well. Whenever you're in Berlin and you want some authentic Vietnamese food, check this out!

More Vietnamese food!

It doesn't happen often, but this time I really have to write a not-so-good review. On saturday afternoon, between our shopping trip, we wanted to have something fresh for lunch. We checked out District Mot, which is called to be THE most authentic Vietnamese restaurant since they let their furniture come in straight from Vietnam. They have the small plastic stools and you'll feel like as you're sitting at a market eating your Pho Bo in Saigon. Anyways, at first sight I was happy to look at something so nice in Berlin, it reminded me a lot of the city. So, we've ordered the Goi Du Du-Papaya Salad, the Summer rolls and a dessert-black sticky rice with mangos. 

We were actually there for the Chè-a Vietnamese tea/soup-like dish with beans. They didn't have it anymore and then they also forgot to bring my friends' order. At least the dishes beneath were really good and it was really authentic, but I have to say that some of the waiters were kind of unfriendly.

Speaking of going out to eat:

in my opinion it's also the experience you're having at that place and the waiters are super important for the customer to feel welcomed. And guys, I know what I'm talking about, I was a waitress, too and I know how hard this job is. But if you're not friendly to the customer you won't get anywhere. So, when you work in catering or something similiar: always be nice or when you're not in a good mood at least polite! You don't know people, people won't know you. So better leave a first good impression.

District Mot, Rosenthalerstr. 62, 10119 Berlin