Beat the heat with Frozen Bananas!

Yesterday I was putting some bananas into the fridge, don't ask my why I came up with this idea. I've read about this in several food blogs living in the U.S. that this is such a healther choice comparing to ice-cream. Indeed! I've put them cutted up in the middle for like 2 hours in the freezer and there you go:

Frozen Bananas!

Peeling them might be hard, I did it with my teeth and a knife =D But for next time, I might peel them first and then put it in the freezer but when I had my first bite: it was love!  Haha, yeah love at first bite!

It's super duper delicious!!! Try it and have some healthy frozen banana to beat the heat in the summer. Swap it for ice-cream and popsicles, this is natural sugar, guys, you cannot beat this! I think kids will love this, too ;-)

Since I love ice-cream, especially chocolate or fruity flavours, I've tended to eat a lot in the summer. This here is just the perfect substitute for sugary ice-creams. I could imagine doing this again with some dark chocolate or coconut sprinkles on top :) Will try and then post it ;-)

Happy summer! xx