Breaking Out of your Style Ruts

Do you also have some very comfortable clothes? The ones you'd always wear, every single day? I think everyone does. So, for example, when I'm really busy and do not know what to wear, I'd always go with everything black. Yep! Why? Just because it always fits and it always works, right?

Sometimes it occurs that you'd see me three times a week with all black everything and it wouldn't bother me, of course not the same ones ;-)  but it's so easy to yes, also in fashion, to fall into a routine. Maybe I need some spice up! Refinery 29 calls this a style rut and senior global editor Connie Wang gives us some advice how to break out of these! What's your rut?

Mine is definitely the black rut, so I'll try to add some colour here and there ;-) And yeah, I have to say, back in the U.S. being in New Jersey on weekdays, my fashion rut was the gym-all-over-look :) Furthermore I honestly think that there are a lot of gals out there who would just like to change up their style. You can do this by just adding a bit of colour, a bit of jewelry or even just the shoes!

Click through the gallery designed by Ammiel Mendoza and check out the other outfit options.