Featured on Andy Sparkles

The wonderful Andy Sparkles did an interview with me and has asked me about my internship at the German fashion blog Les Mads, she also asked me about this blog, my must-haves for autumn/winter 2013/14 and what my future plans are.

How come that I know of her? Funny story, though. Back in 2011 I think, we both won a trip to Berlin due to a Glamour magazine hair model contest. We were there to find out who of the hairstylists is getting into the CULT team of Sebastian Professional. We met up there and then I've found out that she was just doing some modeling jobs, too. And now, two years later she has been doing great with modeling and it's so funny whenever I see her on magazines like Neon I'd be like: Hey guys, I know her!!! :) 

This year, she also started blogging and on her personal blog Andy Sparkles, she's showing a lot of outfit posts, but as well as beauty product reviews, her beloved cat and anything what inspires her. The pictures of her outfit posts are taken by her sister Christine, which I like the most because combining the pieces with each other are really striking.

Below are the pictures taken from the CULT style night back in 2011, each with our hair stylists :) .

Unfortunately the interview is in German, but let's see if I'll manage it to translate the whole thing to you ;-) So, to all German readers, follow this link here to read the rest of it! Thank you Andrea for this lovely feature on your personal blog, I hope to see you soon, wish you all the best, much health and many hugs.



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